Monday, March 05, 2007


yesterday: an awesome day of snowboarding with great friends jenny and laura. originally it was supposed to be just us 3, but then i invited a bunch of people, but in the end everyone else bailed, so it was just us 3. but i had the most fun snowboarding with them (well they ski). i was worried the snow conditions may be bad, BUT it was not icy, hard snow. it was not cold or windy. it was great. just the kind of conditions/weather i like for snowboarding. didn't have to get all bundled up so that way i could move more while snowboarding. i even tried some jumps which was a lot of fun. here are some photos. some taken with laura's cell, some taken with my cell.


  1. Oh man! I haven't been skiing in forever! Looks (and sounds) like you guys had a blast. =o)

  2. looks like fun! fyi, you probably won't be doing that in israel :)