Monday, February 26, 2007

snow monsters

on saturday i went to mount zao in yamagata prefecture (the prefecture west of miyagi prefecture where i live) to see the snow monsters. it's hard to describe, but basically its trees that get covered with snow and look like monsters with the way they're covered with the snow. really neat looking. the photos below will give you a better idea of what i'm talking about. it was cool playing in the snow, despite the freezing cold temperatures.

and as usual, more photos on my flickr site HERE

above, from left to right: laura, chris, andy, jenny (in front), julianna, casey

above, from left to right: jenny, julianna, tanya, chris, andy, laura

above: Chris

above: tanya and julianna

above: tanya

above: tanya and laura

above, from left to right: tanya, laura, jenny, julianna (the guys told us to sit on this snow monster tree for a photo....but the snow collapsed and laura and i fell off! no worries, no one got hurt!)

so instead we took a photo standing behind it. from left to right: jenny, tanya, julianna, laura

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  1. that looks so beautiful! will respond to your email soon.